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Fuel filter how to buy

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To pay attention to the following key points in the purchase of fuel filter:
1, the fuel filter is recommended every 10000 km to replace the fuel tank with fuel filter 4~8 million kilometers replacement. The differences between different models of maintenance cycle may be slightly, your car when need replacement and maintenance, please understanding through self maintenance function.
2, the purchase of goods, please be sure to check the car models, displacement and other information, to ensure that the correct type buy accessories. You can check your car maintenance manual, can be used according to the car free network "self maintenance function".
3, fuel filter in large maintenance, general and oil, filter, air filter at the same time replacement.
4, the selection of high quality of the fuel filter, poor quality fuel filter often lead to poor fuel supply, and even the engine power shortage. Impurities are not filtered, the time is longer, and the fuel injection system will also be corrosive damage.


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