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How long is the oil filter for the best?

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How to change the oil filter for a time best? This is a problem for the majority of owners concerned, because the owners do not have professional car maintenance knowledge, and even some owners do not know why the oil filter need to be replaced. Below, you understand why the need to replace the oil filter and replacement cycle.
Why the oil filter should be replaced periodically, the role of the oil filter is to filter the fuel of the car. Gasoline is refined from crude oil through complex processes, and then transported by special way to the various gas stations, and ultimately delivered to the owners of the fuel tank. In this process, the impurities in the gasoline is inevitable to enter the tank, in addition, with the use of time, the impurities will increase. In this way, the fuel filter will be used to filter dirt, and so on, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced.
So the car after a certain number of kilometers to change the oil filter, if not for, or delay for, certainly affect the performance of the car, resulting in poor oil, car fuel and other phenomena, and finally lead to chronic damage to the engine, and even overhaul engine. How to change the oil filter for one time is the best, the replacement cycle of the motor oil filter is generally about 10000 km, the specific best replacement time can refer to the instructions on the vehicle manual.
Usually, the fuel filter replacement is in the car maintenance, and air filter and oil filter replacement at the same time, this is our daily said "filter".


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