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Motor oil filter replacement skills

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Replacement of oil and oil filter is the size of the car must be carried out in the project, oil and filter is closely related to the replacement of things to pay attention to skills, can help us to grasp the knowledge of car maintenance.
Generally, we should replace the oil filter oil in the maintenance time, this is a car maintenance tips. Because this time change is easy to grasp the oil filter replacement cycle, to maintain an effective way to clean oil. So that we and technicians are more likely to remember to change the time.
Maintenance is recommended when using good brand oil, or engine performance to greatly reduced, but also good brand oil filter. Good synthetic engine oil is generally very corrosive, the use of poor oil filter, will not have the filter filter paper is very fast corrosion, filter will not play a role. Use good oil filter, there is no such problem, and maintenance cycle will be extended, the industry is the best to several German man, but the price is too expensive, compared to expensive maintenance costs, the filter is a few dollars a few dollars.

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