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How to maintain the motor oil filter?

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Engine lubricating oil constantly by metal dust, dust in the air and deposition in the use of pollution. The heavy precipitation of impurities in the oil pan bottom, with lubricating oil into the friction surface of the light, causing parts of early wear. Oil filter function, is made by the lubricating oil filter to filter dirt. Filter used a certain time, the filter will be attached to a lot of dirt, so should be regularly replaced filter. In general, the oil filter and oil should be replaced at the same time. Thus, it is advantageous to prolong the service life of the engine.
Frequently used cars, every 7500km, should be replaced by oil filter. In bad conditions, such as the regular driving on the dusty road, should be replaced every 5000km. To replace the oil filter's note is as follows:
(1) the use of oil filter wrench or the appropriate tool to remove the filter, to prevent damage to parts of the threaded connection.
(2) check and clean the oil filter mounting surface. Otherwise, easy to produce oil leakage, resulting in insufficient oil supply.
(3) in the installation of oil filter, the surface of the sealing ring is coated with a layer of oil to ensure that the seal is reliable, and can prevent damage to the sealing ring.
(4) after starting the engine, check the oil surface height, such as insufficient oil quantity, should be added in accordance with the provisions of the oil.

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